I really can't help myself it seems: Symbionts

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Re: I really can't help myself it seems: Symbionts

Postby Rampant » Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:45 am

Lashing Tendrils
Requires: Symbiont with tendrils augment
The tendrils of this symbiont are long and dextrous allowing the host to use them to grip at a greater distance. Your reach when making grabs increases by the listed among based on the augment's Marque. In addition the tendrils can pick up small items such as light weapons or alchemic flasks. Note the tendrils may not be used to attack with said items only to pick them up or drop them.
Marque 2 tentacles have an additional 5 feet of reach
Marque 4 tentacles have an additional 10 feet of reach

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