Crafting: Item materiel and beta

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Crafting: Item materiel and beta

Postby Gareth_Lazelle » Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:24 am

Hi all,

So I'm crafting an item and (circumstance aside) have a choice of materials (pg72 has the best discussion on this). It does seem that metal items are simply better (more augments)? Is this intentional? Should other items be cheaper or something? Is it simply expected that the GM will assess apt penalties for clanking around in heavy armour (to Stealth, swimming, etc)? As it is, unless dictated otherwise it seems like players will always choose metal?

Onto beta items - others can use my beta items by making a Science roll with the TN set by the highest marque augment. So, when I build a beta item, can I choose to use a lower marque in order to make the task easier? (say I have armsmith 8, normally allowing me to install mq2 augments, can I choose to install my augments at mq1 instead?)

Not that I've found manymany errors (bio invigoration expert is in the appendix on pg. 234 twice, replacing medical marvel) , but is there an FAQ or official errata?

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Re: Crafting: Item materiel and beta

Postby ObligatoryTankGal » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:12 am

The downsides of using metal are generally as follows: 1) there are a handful of augments and specialities that allow an enemy to target metal objects/armour/etc to deal extra damage; 2) Yes, it should make the PCs a bit louder if they're all wearing solid metal; 3) Some powerful spirit abilities (like Druidic) and some backstories give high bonuses to Acc and damage if the player is wielding/wearing non-metal gear.

That being said: yes, it is easily the most powerful option. Most players pick metal, and I really can't say I blame them. The only place you might consider an alternative is with regards to armour because it is loud, and there are some potential dangers from specialities. Otherwise I'd say you're good as gold (see what I did there? :P)! Although, if you feel like annoying your narrator: ask him if you can raise your own cow, Bioflux it, kill it, tan its hide, and make yourself Chameleon organic armour. It was my response to his preference for metallic gear, and it led to some rather amusing discussions. >.<

Yes, you can always craft a Mq lower than your highest capable Mq. And don't forget: the'll have to roll Science one Tier higer than the highest Mq on your beta. Otherwise, looks like you've got it down. ;)
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